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Collect-A-Tube is a well-established company responsible for the transportation and disposal of hazardous waste.

In The Occupational Health and Safety Act, rules concerning the disposal of lamps containing metals such as mercury and sodium are outlined. The regulation requires that lamps in the form of Tubes (fluorescent), Bulbs, CFL (Energy Savers) or any other form, that contain such metals, be disposed of in the correct manner. This regulation also requires proof of correct disposal of these mercury and sodium lamps.

Did you know?

  • 20mg of mercury is enough to contaminate 30000 liters of water.
  • The mercury content of 1.8 to 2.4 meter fluorescent tubes is between 20mg and 50 mg.
  • The new CFL Energy savers contain +/- 5 mg of mercury.
  • Mercury is absorbed through the skin, through inhalation, and also ingestion. This results in permanent nerve and organ damage and is detrimental to the existence of all life.

 Collect-a-Tube is working in close relations with your environmental friend, Actebis268 CC, the patent holder of “The Tube & Globe Guzzler”,  focusing on a Mercury Free tomorrow.

This dedicated team is determined to educate the public in the discipline of environmental health and safety.

Collect-a-Tube’s initiative is to safely dispose of all hazardous and mercury containing items through the practice of responsible operations and by raising public awareness.


Be mindful of the Environment, your Surroundings and your Legacy.

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